Pen it down !

impression becoming expression

I have been the person who hardly let others to know the real me so the other person who really wants to get along has to dig hard to see what’s exactly in..
But then I find myself in situation where I see something..some movie or incident and then I want to know about it more,dig hard and make better understanding of the things and interact with others to know more but it’s not always possible to find people of same sanity ! 

Hence here is my first blog to feed my human need.

You need to discuss the matter to evolve yourself..to understand the real depth of things

So here I am..

finding my own self 

May be! 

To understand what I believe.. what’re my own views.. to let myself connect with others 

There’s a time when you understand that you need to be stop worrying about lame issues and stop procrastinating and do something that you might enjoy 

Emancipate yourself

And discern your path..

I bow ?


This is what my mind came across after watching some movies which are lying buried with no one paying attention.  These can be dull and boring for some since most of us like loud and belligerent stuff.

But those who have an understanding and relish such genre will surely love it. Giving this chauvinist society,a message that it needs to divert its way of thinking. The time has long gone when the acts had to be proportional to please the sector very keenly interested in others life having no concern for the other being. The very sector which likes to be judgy and throw the shity rulings on people. And they become more proactive when it comes to girls who actually needs more protection and conservation. Delicate flowers needing extra attention and judgements. The hauk eyes looking for the minute flaws to be in the considerate state to put some absurd  lable on the girls’ forehead. Found something… 

Oh! Mission accomplished..

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Leave the fantasies, desires, pleasure..  a conversation with some lad is more than enough to demean her. There’s nothing to make them understand that it’s natural and no one deserves to be judged. Each one of us has our own thinking, lifestyle, perceptions,beliefs. How can one’s be considered to be very precise as per the morals? It’s the situation and conditions which makes one act, so how could you pass the judgement and be the supremacy. Since there’s no rule book to act according to, which means there’s no proper response that could be demanded from one. It’s a personalized product. One makes choices as per his/her needs and instincts which differs from one another.. so are the decisions.

The Indian society is transforming seeing the changing genre of cinema. But our parochial uncles sitting at the censor board  looks off hand with the quality cinema. Ladies can’t open their mouth saying words like sex. It’s an unpardonable offense,my friend. It’ll poison your mind and the future of the youth is in black hole.

Movies like Lipstick under my Burkha, Parched , Fire, Unfreedom,Dear Dad   etcetera have to face the rage of CBFC since the board undertook the command to purify the industry by making cuts and banning the films to affirm sanctity. The board instead of providing certification to the movies steals the soul of movies. Movies with modern outlook hardly come out unaltered from CBFC rather I would say gets banned. So this is the reason, some real amazing work of Bollywood gets unnoticed. It seems to be offending them when women talk about sexual desires and needs which calls the need to fix them. There was this movie Fire about which I learnt some days back. The movie starring veteran actresses Nandita das and  Shabana Azmi is a worth of time but  sadly CBFC didn’t let  the movie to be released in India so the movie was released in Canada. The story is plotted around the two main leads sharing the romantic relationship who decided to cater their desires finally and live the life. You can find it on YouTube .                               And there’ll be less people who know about the film “parched”. Everyone out there need to watch this movie. A movie with powerful screen presence of women in this era of women of empowerment.

Female actresses are no more just the side chicks. Now they’re spearheading the new period. I believe soon they’ll be paid equal to the male actors with no discrimination showing this industry its new avenues..